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A bit earlier, on the bus, there was another student and this middle-aged bag lady with her stuff spread out over six seats. She had a rolling bag, a shoulder bag, and tons and tons of plastic grocery bags, and was wearing three or four coats. When the bus stopped, she asked the student about whether she'd missed her stop or something like that; I'm not sure why. The student said no, she was getting off here, so she did. Then two girls got onto the bus; they were friends, but only one stayed. The other just retrieved her Sylvester the Cat hat. Then the student who'd been on the bus in the first place got back on. Very odd.

We got to the bag lady's stop, and she needed to make two trips to get all her stuff off the bus. So once she'd got the first load off the bus and came back on, the student asked her if she needed help.

Bag Lady: No, I'm fine.
Student: Are you sure you don't need help?
Bag Lady: Well, I definitely need help [laughs] but it's fine!
Student: Oh, okay, let me help you!
Bag Lady: [a bit rattled] No! I can handle it!
Student: Really? It's okay, I'll help you!
Bag Lady: No! It was a joke!

It was obviously a joke, too. I thought it was pretty good.

When the bus started moving again, I noticed that the student had exactly one, yellow-and-red, nearly illegible pin on her backpack. It said, "ATTITUDE IS THE ONLY DISABILITY". I shit thee not.


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Jan. 5th, 2011 04:00 am (UTC)
It said, "ATTITUDE IS THE ONLY DISABILITY". I shit thee not.

I have never seen a more necessary I'm Not Making This Up Disclaimer. omg.
Jan. 5th, 2011 04:39 am (UTC)
IKR? Shit's fucked up, man.

And I spent all of winter break trying to remind my dad that everything he says that follows "socialist welfare state" just sounds like "bla bla bla" unless he's saying, "About socialist welfare states: I hear Sweden has quite a nice one." I was hoping to get away from people like that...

Also, I have... um, inexplicably started reading a whole ton of Dresden fic which is not yours. Sorry! But yours is very Archive-Panic-inducing, so I kind of keep putting it off... plus I'm on a bit of a Marcone POV kick. Harry from his perspective is hilarious. You've read that one where Marcone is magically revirginated, right?
Jan. 5th, 2011 05:58 am (UTC)
You've read that one where Marcone is magically revirginated, right?

Yes, "Like a Baron," which is pretty good fic. I think "Spirit and the Letter" and grenegome's fics are the best in the fandom, personally. 83
Jan. 5th, 2011 05:33 pm (UTC)
Pfft what is that even
Oh my god, people.
I mean, I've gotten the 'if you love God enough he will fix you!' speech, but I can quite honestly say I've never been informed that a change in attitude will... magically...change physical... yeah, I can't even finish that sentence because it sounds too ridiculous. lol reality
Jan. 5th, 2011 08:05 pm (UTC)
I think perhaps the idea isn't that attitude is supposed to cure disabilities, just that it's meant to make up for it. Because surely no one is that deluded to believe Stephen Hawking would be walking around if he wanted it bad enough. Or if they were that deluded, they would be certifiably delusional and realize it's not because they're too lazy to not be delusional. I guess "you can fight disabilities with a positive attitude" is a debatably workable thesis if we're talking mild ADD or something, because that's what I've got and the meds are so irritating that not having to use them is a sufficient motivator to just do my work... but you've heard of that superhero Daredevil, right? Even he doesn't do things by the power of positive attitude.

Also, have you ever got the impression that as a spiel about the Christian God goes on, the probability that God is going to come across as a spoiled, needy brat approaches one? Now apparently he can't even do nice things when there's nothing in it for him. What a jerk.
Jan. 6th, 2011 02:32 pm (UTC)
And yet I'm pretty sure some people out there are that deluded. But I certainly see where you're coming from re: attitude as a tool in dealing with disability. I'd say that that concept could be applied to most areas of life, actually. Generally one's attitude will alter the way in which one engages with a situation and thus alter the outcome.

Ahahaha, yes. I'm always very confused by the Christian 'god will heal you!' speeches. If God will "heal me", why did he make me this way to begin with? Because God makes people, right? So did he just... fuck up? Or was he bored? Religion confuses me so much, I don't even know.
Although let me tell you, there is nothing quite as uncomfortable as being followed around the grocery store by a harmless seeming dude and then have him pop up as you're waiting for your friends to finish at the check-out and ask if he can pray for you. I said yes, assuming that he'd... I don't know, include me in his nightly prayers or whatever. I just wanted him to go away. But he proceeded to put his hand on my shoulder and pray out loud for God to "heal his sister's eyes". Because he truly believed that if god loved me he'd do that. And then he bought a singular roast chicken and drove off in his mini-van. It was pretty special.
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